Friday, December 11, 2015

Talking Ocean

Participants in COP21 talk about the importance of the ocean and why they’re pushing for its inclusion in a new climate agreement.

Senator Whitehouse discusses the importance of the ocean and what is needed for the ocean at COP21 in Paris.

Olivier Dufourneaud, Ocean Policy Director, The Oceanographic Institute, Prince Albert I, Prince of Monaco, talks through the importance of the Ocean and what result is needed for the ocean from COP21, Paris.

Dan Laffoley, principal advisor on marine science and conservation, IUCN speaks about the benefits of including the ocean in COP21 negotiations.

Steven Lutz, programme leader, Blue Carbon, GRID-Arendal talks about the importance of valuing marine and costal ecosystems.

Sylvia Earle, founder of Mission Blue tells us why she speaks for the ocean.  

Rémi Parmentier talks about protecting the ocean through the Because The Ocean Declaration.