Friday, December 11, 2015

Talking Islands

Leaders, delegates and ocean conservationists from Small Island Nations sit down to discuss their intrinsic connection to the ocean and the initiatives needed to combat climate change on the frontline. 

Okalik Eegeesiak tells us how a COP21 agreement will effect her community.

Kosi Latu tell us why protecting the ocean should be nonnegotiable.

Deputy Premier Kedrick Pickering speaks about the realities that Island Nations face in the fight against climate change.

Prime Minister Mike Eman explains why the ocean can be our best friend and our worst enemy.

Maria Damanaki tells us why we need to include the ocean in negotiations at COP21. 

Keobel Sakuma talks about Palau's national marine sanctuary.

Kate Brown, Executive Director, Global Island Partnership, talks about the various ways to assist Islands in the fight against climate change.

Francois Martel, Secretary General, Pacific Island Development Forum discusses the growing voice of Island Nations.