Tuesday, December 18, 2012

European Parliament Shows Leadership on Common Fisheries Policy

Members of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee today voted in favour of ending overfishing in and by the EU by 2015 and for the recovery of fish stocks by 2020. This is a major step in ensuring the future sustainability of EU fish stocks and for the long-term stability of the EU fishing fleet.

As part of this landmark vote on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), the Committee also agreed to require EU member States to assess and eliminate fishing overcapacity and to provide financial aid only to member States or operators that observe EU fisheries rules.

“The European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee has voted to end 30 years of failed fisheries management by requiring EU fisheries ministers not to exceed scientific advice when setting fishing limits, and to restore fish stocks. German MEP, Ulrike Rodust, has drawn on the growing public support to end overfishing by leading the Committee to this result. We now look to the plenary of the European Parliament and to EU fisheries ministers to ensure today’s result becomes law,” said Uta Bellion of the Pew Environment Group.

Photo courtesy of Ocean2012