Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Inside View from IUCN WCC

As the IUCN WCC approaches its closing days, Charlotte Smith from Oceans inc speaks to Susan Lieberman and Amanda Nickson from the Pew Environment Group and Kristina Gjerde from IUCN for an update on the week's developments from Jeju, Korea.
We hear the latest updates on global tuna conservation, the high hopes for the high seas, shark conservation and marine protected areas.

Google plus were also in attendance this week at the conference and were exhibiting the new 'Liquid Galaxy', and hosted a special on air 'hangout'.  Liquid Galaxy provides an immersive Google Earth experience like never before. Step inside a chamber of monitors arranged in a circle around you and fly anywhere in the world in seconds. Mountains, buildings, valleys and even the ocean floor fill your peripheral vision.Google plus would like to thank Sylvia Earle, Dan Laffoley, Kristina Gjerde, Lisa Uttal, Jason Holt and Christiaan Adams who were all able to join. 

Photos courtesy of IUCN