Friday, June 8, 2012

Make the Ocean heard at Rio+20

As part of its commitment to make the Rio+20 Earth Summit responsive to public concerns, the ‘Rio Dialogues’ has now thrown open voting on critical resolutions for the Summit’s attention.

The resolutions cover a wide range of subjects and only 30 will be presented to world leaders. The High Seas Alliance (HSA) is calling on ocean supporters to help push the resolution concerned with creating a global agreement to save high seas biodiversity.

With the title “Launch a global agreement to save high seas marine biodiversity” the HSA supported resolution is designed to achieve large-scale protection for the ocean and speaks directly to Summit text under negotiation.

HSA Coordinator Susanna Fuller said, “Rio+20 is a huge opportunity to achieve an implementing agreement for the high seas. Such an agreement would allow us to have protected areas on the high seas, and better regulate the environmental impact of things like deep sea mining - it would result in real protection that is desperately needed."

People can register their vote here. Select oceans and then Launch a global agreement to save high seas marine biodiversity. The vote closes on 14th June.

Photo courtesy of Rio+20 Dialogues