Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brazil Steers Ocean Text in Negotiation

Negotiations are running into the night in Rio de Janiero as the Brazilian Government steers consultations towards an agreed text ahead of the Conference opening in three days.

Working through a system of subgroups to address what the Brazilian Delegation described as priority areas, the process re-opened this evening with clean text and a sub group dedicated solely to the ocean.

Members of the High Seas Alliance attending the day’s events were quick to respond

Arni Finnsson of the Iceland Nature Conservation Association said “Brazil's leadership on bringing the ocean to the fore at the Earth Summit reflects the position and will of a large majority of governments participating in this summit.”

Sue Lieberman of the Pew Environment Group said “It's time for governments to come together and take serious action for the 70% of our planet that is ocean. We hope to be able to say that the world is moving forward on ocean conservation.

Richard Page of Greenpeace added “This conference could deliver some significant progress for the ocean”

The consultations are due to conclude on the evening of June 18.

The day also saw a number of side events and press conferences concerned with the ocean including the launch of a new report by the Marine Reserves Coalition which published a marine reserves league table.

Photo courtesy of Lel4nd via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)